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EnZymAid™ Multi-Enzyme Complex Capsules


EnZymAid is a plant-based enzyme complex that stands apart from other formulations as it was designed to address several important digestive functions that include:

· Specifically targeting the breakdown (cleaving) of casein, gluten and gliadin. This enzyme complex facilitates the breakdown of wheat (gluten) and milk (casein) proteins.

· Enhancing the absorption and utilization of important minerals. This is accomplished by the addition of the enzyme phytase, which breaks down phytic acid found in grains, beans, soybean, etc., and is known to interfere with the absorption of crucial minerals including calcium, magnesium and zinc.

· Increasing the amount of the important Dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV) enzyme. This is facilitated by the resulting action of the peptidase enzymes that exert DPP-IV activity plus by the inclusion of galactose.


Each #1 Plant Cellulose capsule contains:

Caso-glutenase 10,000 AU*
Bromelain Concentrate 230 BTU (approximately equal to 4,500,000 FCCPU)
Acid Fast Protease 100 SAPU
Lactase 330 LACU
Phytase 125 PU
Galactose 100 mg

*This proprietary blend is comprised of a combination of many different proteases and peptidases, assayed with activity units based on acceptable compendial methods of assay. Since a wide variety of different peptidases/proteases are utilized, the overall activity is noted in special Activity Units (AU).

Other Ingredients: Plant cellulose (Vegetable capsule) and L.Leucine.

Caso-glutenase........10,000 AU

This proprietary enzyme complex has the ability to "digest" or break down casein and gluten more completely than most other peptidases. It has a "balanced" profile of peptidase activity meaning the bonds at the end as well as in the middle of the casein and gluten peptide are cleaved. These peptidases also provide Dipeptidyl peptidase activity that contribute to the overall effectiveness of this unique enzyme blend.

Bromelain Concentrate......230 BTU

Bromelain is highly recognized and researched for its ability to have proteolytic activity in effectively and safely breaking down casein. The bromelain in this formulation is derived from a purified pineapple extract and is safe and well tolerated.

Acid Fast Protease.............100 SAPU

The presence of this acid fast/stable protease allows the enzymes to have a longer range of activity as well as stability when foods are exposed to the presence of acid in the lower part of the stomach. This protease begins the job of breaking down proteins before these foods are delivered into the small intestine.

Lactase..............330 LACU

The dose of the lactase enzyme, in this formulation, is adequate to digest the amount of lactose found in one glass of milk.

Phytase..............125 PU

Phytase is an enzyme with exceptional qualities and it was added to this formulation for its ability to digest phytic acid (inositol hexakisphosphate), which is present in plants such as wheat, corn, rye, barley, beans, soybean, etc. Phytic acid can negatively affect the absorption of minerals such as calcium, zinc, copper, manganese iron and magnesium, by forming mineral complexes with them after which the complexes are transported out of the body. The use of the phytase enzyme, will facilitate the break down of phytic acid, diminish the mineral complex formation and ultimately result in greater availability of these important minerals.

Galactose...............100 mg

The rationale for inclusion of this natural substance is its apparent ability to help maintain healthy levels of DPPIV produced in cells.


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