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60 capsules (Vegetable) 104.00 

    This product ships with Ice Packs and it is not returnable.

VSL#3 is a medical food for the dietary management of Ulcerative Colitis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or an Ileal pouch.

Each dose of VSL#3 contains 450 billion live probiotic bacteria. VSL#3 is supplied in a box containing 30 packets.

VSL#3 powder mixes easily in water and has a light lemon cream flavor.


Lactic acid bacteria, maltose, natural flavorings, and silicon dioxide.

All VSL#3 products are Non-Returnable and Non-Refundable.

Canadian & International orders: We are not responsible if any refrigerated products that we ship to your country is held up by Customs or any other Agency causing delay in delivery of your items.

All VSL#3 orders are shipped with Ice-Pak to keep the package somewhat cool during transit. We recommend that you choose Express Shipping to receive your items quickly. If the VSL#3 arrives and is not cool, the manufacturer of VSL#3 assures that the product is still viable even if left at room temperature for one week.

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