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Industrial chemicals, pesticides, pollution and other toxic substances are now part of our everyday life.  The human body possesses its own detoxification system to manage all those toxins.  To function properly, this system requires specific nutrients which many special needs children are usually deficient in. 

Often due to the disturbance of the digestive system, these children cannot properly absorb the nutrients their body needs to detoxify correctly.  The increased toxic load that we often see in these children seems to worsen their symptoms.  However, some products can support the detox system and help too get rid of toxins. As a result, detoxification is often included in autism treatment and therapies.

Detoxification - Bioray

NDF liquid   Price   Qty
  1oz   113.76   
  4oz   387.36   

NDF Plus™ liquid   Price   Qty
  1oz   113.76   
  4oz   387.36   

Detoxification - Kirkman Labs

Inositol Pure Soluble Powder - Hypoallergenic   Price   Qty
  454 grams   88.00   

Detoxification - MAX International

MAX ONE   Price   Qty
  60 capsules (30-day supply)   147.20   

Detoxification - BioPure

Chlorella Growth Factor CGF Liquid   Price   Qty

Cilantro Organic Wild Tincture   Price   Qty
  4oz   140.80   

Detoxification - EvenBetterNow.com

  5.0 lbs jar     Ships from United States only.

Kids Clear Detoxifying Clay Baths   Price   Qty
  2.5 lbs jar   77.60   

Detoxification - Integrative Therapeutics

Detoxification Factors   Price   Qty
  60 capsules   52.96   

Detoxification - Zeolite (Waiora)

Activated Liquid Zeolite   Price   Qty
  15ml, 300 drops (Single bottle)   68.80   

Detoxification - Dr. Niedermaier Pharma

Rechts Regulat   Price   Qty
  12oz bottle   120.00   

Detoxification - New Beginnings Nutritionals

Inositol Powder   Price   Qty
  10oz   68.80   

Bio-Chelat   Price   Qty
  100ml (glass bottle)   52.80   

Chelate-Mate   Price   Qty
  16oz liquid   46.40   

  100 Capsules   19.20   

Detoxification - Body Ecology

Liv Amend   Price   Qty
  120 capsules   59.12   

Detoxification - BodyBio

Chlorella   Price   Qty
  300 tablets   94.32   
  1050 tablets   304.80   

Detoxification - Bio-Botanical Research

G.I. Detox Plus: 3-Day Cleanse   Price   Qty
  60 capsules   50.40   

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