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The Coromega Company, is the corporation that is promoting standardization of herbal products while also introducing new technologies that will dramatically change how people view nutritional supplements.

The Coromega Company team represents a group of individuals whose combined backgrounds support one of the finest new organizations dedicated to creating and distributing of natural products. Since 1994, when DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health And Education Act) became law, the rules governing the marketing and advertising of products have created both opportunity and imposed responsibility. Our team is dedicated to producing products that enhance the health of our customers.

It is our intention to serve our consumers and deliver to them finished product that represents the same quality that is demanded by the European community that has come to rely on natural products to support good health. Unique testing and analysis of all raw materials is just the beginning of our job. To insure optimum quality, The Coromega Company operates all aspects of production under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards. Analysis is done at every step in order to assure for consistency.

The Coromega Company is pleased to have the North American rights to Coromega, the most advanced form for the delivery of Omega-3. The discoverer of Coromega spent almost ten years in the development of Coromega’s emulsion technology that made it possible for his granddaughter to take her "medicine". And, the discovery also solved several other notable problems relating to fish oil. The new emulsion delivered Omega-3 from fish oil in an incredibly tasty natural orange flavor. And, the emulsion form also enhances bioavailability and stability.

The Coromega Company is proud to announce that bioavailability studies conducted at the University of Minnesota, Hormel Institute have corroborated the hypothesis that the emulsion form is more bioavailable and absorbable than the most popular selling fish oil capsule brand.

Essential Fatty Acids / Acidos Grasos

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