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 Master Supplements
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                                Master Supplements


Welcome to the Master Supplements selection. The corporation’s mission is to research naturally occurring, symbiotic, probiotic micro-organisms and bioactive prebiotics and develop high potency nutraceutical products based on this research. The corporation utilizes prominent scientists in a worldwide network to achieve this objective. Theralac®, with two patents pending, is the first product to be introduced by Therabiotics. Enzalase®, the enzyme master supplement, is the second product introduced by the company. BioActive TruFiber™- a no grit-no taste soluble fiber with bifidogenic enzymes- is the latest addition.

Enzymes / Enzimas

Enzalase   Price   Qty
  50 capsules   57.52   

Probiotics / Probioticos

Granular Theralac   Price   Qty
  30 grams powder   70.32   

TheraLac   Price   Qty
  30 capsules   68.72   

TruFlora   Price   Qty
  32 capsules   79.20   

Specialty Products / Especialidad

TruFiber Intestinal Support   Price   Qty
  6.2oz   52.72   

*** All prices are subject to change without notice ***

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