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  • Today 1 in 4 children will not respond to antibiotics.

  • A healthy immune system for children is the best defense.

  • Taking preventative measures through natural nutritional immune support is the best strategy for a child's health.

The Center for Disease Control, an official arm of the United States government, has stated that today one out of four infections in children will not respond to any antibiotic except Vancomycin®. Obviously, in addition to that, we know that colds do not respond to antibiotics. Longevity Plus believes that there is good evidence that a healthy immune system may be the best possible answer for parents concerned about children's safety from infectious colds and flu’s that are widely spread and passed on from child to child at school. Whatever health problems they do get will respond more readily to natural products, or if necessary, antibiotics, because they have maintained a healthier immune system since they have been taking the nutritional support products Longevity Plus carries for children. Natural vitamin, herbal and nutritional formulas may be the best answer for parents wanting an answer to help keep their children healthy.


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