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™ utilizes the extraordinary balance of nature and science to create whole food supplements that support health, vitality and our environment. BioRay™ products were created in clinic and are manufactured by integrating clinically tested ingredients with proprietary methods. Committed to quality and maintaining the integrity of each formula, BioRay™ blends its products in small, personally attended batches.

All BioRay Products are cold processed, concentrated extracts made from the highest quality ingredients available in the world today, ensuring purity, biological activity and bioavailability.

Detoxification / Detoxificacion

NDF liquid   Price   Qty
  1oz   126.40   
  4oz   430.40   

NDF Plus™ liquid   Price   Qty
  1oz   126.40   
  4oz   430.40   

Liver Support / de soporte hepático

LiverLife™ liquid   Price   Qty
  4oz   92.80   

Herbs / Hierbas

Loving Energy   Price   Qty
  2oz (Organic)   57.60   

Red Rooster   Price   Qty
  2oz   51.50   

Artemesia & Clove   Price   Qty
  2oz   51.50   

Lady Passion   Price   Qty
  2oz (Organic)   51.50   

Probiotics / Probioticos

CytoFlora™ liquid   Price   Qty
  4 oz   139.20   

*** All prices are subject to change without notice ***

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