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    Liquid Minerals Bulletin

In 1995, Ed and Patricia Kane, Ph.D. began to develop a medical software program that would produce a list of required nutrients based on an individual’s blood chemistry results. Dr. Kane created the database, which links nutritional deficiencies to a person’s blood chemistry, and provides recommendations to correct those deficiencies (The BodyBio Report). The product took the form of a service to doctors providing them with an evidence-based means of nutritional supplementation.

The BodyBio Report is based on the research of Dr. Patricia Kane and her unique background of over twenty-five years of clinical research, practicums with individual leaders in metabolic intervention, as well as her experience in private practice in the field of nutritional biochemistry. BodyBio has used this pioneering research to provide nutritional diagnostic reports to healthcare practitioners around the world. These unique, in-depth reports bring into focus those nutrients that a patient’s body may require, based upon documented research and the patients’ individual bloodtest results. These reports have proven invaluable in assisting healthcare practitioners worldwide in providing medical care guidance as well as preventative care options for their patients. BodyBio also began to manufacture and produce many of the recommended nutrients in an effort to meet the demand for quality products.


Chlorella   Price   Qty
  300 tablets   94.32   
  1050 tablets   304.80   

CoQ10 (CoEnzyme Q10)

Coenzyme Q10   Price   Qty
  (100mg) 200 Softgels   230.64   

Essential Fatty Acids

Balance Oil   Price   Qty
  16oz Single bottle   52.72   
  16oz 4-Pack   210.88   
  16oz 12-Pack   537.12   

PC (Phosphatidylcholine)   Price   Qty
  8oz liquid   173.28   
  16oz liquid   318.08   
  (1300mg) 100 capsules   122.40   
  (1300mg) 300 capsules   317.84   

Butyrate (Calcium Magnesium) 600mg   Price   Qty
  100 capsules   43.28   
  250 capsules   97.12   

Evening Primrose Oil   Price   Qty
  90 capsules   55.04   
  180 capsules   100.00   
  8oz liquid   81.28   

Kirunal Triple Strength (500mg)   Price   Qty
  120 capsules   71.20   

Butyrate (Sodium Potassium) 500mg   Price   Qty
  100 capsules   43.28   

Prometol (570mg)   Price   Qty
  100 capsules   52.00   

Sodium Butyrate (600mg)   Price   Qty
  100 capsules   43.28   


  1 liter Single bottle     Ships from United States only.

Liquid Mineral Set #1-8 - (2oz. bottles)   Price   Qty

Pre-Mixed Liquid Minerals - 8 fl oz. (236 ml)   Price   Qty
  8oz   54.08   

MTK - Liquid Minerals Test Kit - Liquid Mineral Test Kit   Price   Qty
  9 bottles (#1 - #9)   85.92   

Iodine #9 Liquid Mineral Drops   Price   Qty
  2oz   20.48   

Electrolyte Concentrate - 20 fl oz. bottle   Price   Qty
  20oz Single bottle   41.12   
  20oz 6-Pack   192.32   
  20oz 24-Pack   711.76   

Liquid Mineral Set #1-8 - (4oz. bottles)   Price   Qty

Liquid Mineral Set #1-9 - (2oz. bottles)   Price   Qty
  2oz set   179.52   

Iodine Taste Test Set   Price   Qty


Vitamin C Crystals Ascorbic Acid - 6.3 oz. (180g)   Price   Qty
  180 grams   32.48   

B-Vitamin Complex   Price   Qty
  90 capsules   56.72   

Vitamin D3 - 50,000 IU   Price   Qty

Specialty Products

Betaine HCl (324mg)   Price   Qty
  100 tablets   28.30   

MTK plus - Liquid Minerals Test Kit   Price   Qty


Multi-Vita-Min   Price   Qty
  90 Capsules   41.36   


The Detoxx Book Paperback   Price   Qty
  Physician's   57.12   

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