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 Brainchild Nutritionals
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is a unique company, founded almost a decade ago from the dream of one father
to help children like his own. Our founder is no longer with us, but with his inspiration, we
have grown into a vibrant community of caring, like-minded people. We are proud of our
work every day to help sensitive children and adults.

Tinctures & Oils / Tinturas

Reishi Extract   Price   Qty
  2oz   40.94   

Herbs / Hierbas

Herbathione   Price   Qty
  4oz w/ dropper   73.52   

Ashwagandha   Price   Qty
  2oz   40.94   

Intestimend   Price   Qty
  16oz   57.60   

Minerals / Minerales

LiquiMag   Price   Qty
  Unflavored 16oz liquid   47.95   

LiquiZinc   Price   Qty
  Unflavored 16oz liquid   47.95   

Spectrum Support Minerals   Price   Qty
  Unflavored 16oz liquid   49.52   

Spectrum Support Ultra-Sensitive Minerals   Price   Qty
  Unflavored 16oz liquid   49.52   

Vitamins / Vitaminas

Spectrum Support Advanced Sensitive Vitamins   Price   Qty
  (Lemon-Lime) 16oz liquid   49.52   

Spectrum Support Ultra-Sensitive Vitamins   Price   Qty
  Unflavored 16oz liquid   49.52   

Spectrum Support II w/P5P Vitamins   Price   Qty
  Unflavored 16oz liquid   57.50   
  (Lemon/Lime) 16oz liquid   57.50   

*** All prices are subject to change without notice ***

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