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Welcome to the Algonot products page displaying the product Neuroprotek from the algonot.com home page.

There are many nutraceuticals in today’s market that contain some of our key ingredients. Unfortunately, most of them are arbitrary combinations of ingredients plus additives. We have numerous goals in developing our line of unique nutraceuticals.

First and foremost our nutraceuticals must be effective, safe and tolerable. Research and attention are put into each of our key ingredient’s source and purity as well as the molecular size and health concern. The exclusive Olive Kernel Oil distinctive to our formulations is used for the greatest absorption of key ingredients. One other goal is to develop nutraceuticals that address the current and underlying needs of our customers with inflammatory diseases.

We identify these needs as:

  • BLOCKING the triggers of inflammatory diseases
  • REDUCE and relieve present symptoms of swelling caused by current inflammatory diseases
  • REPAIR and RENEW areas damaged by the activation and secretion from stimulated mast cells
  • PROTECT existing cells from further damage
  • PROMOTE maximum absorption of key ingredients

We are pleased and proud to offer a line of nutraceuticals that meet and exceed these goals.


NeuroProtek         Price   Qty
  60 softgels   68.72   68.72     

CystoProtek   Price   Qty
  120 Capsules   83.20   

Arthrosoft   Price   Qty
  120 sofgels   62.40   

NeuroProtek-Low-Phenol   Price   Qty
  (Low-Phenol), 60 softgels   68.72   

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