Our Professional VIP Service is available to existing professionals with a minimum of $2500 in monthly Affiliate referrals. If you are just beginning with us as a Professional and require a standard Professional Account, please REGISTER HERE and then submit the form below.

This service provides you with your own Custom-Made webpage published on our website. Here, you may display the services you offer to your patients along with a collection of products from our website that you recommend, enabling your patients to find all the supplements you recommend on just one page.

Professional VIP Service: Here’s what you receive:

  • Your personal webpage (view sample at bottom of page)
  • A unique URL for your patients so when they use that URL our system tracks the referral and generates a commission for you.
  • An optional coupon code that you can provide to your patients so that they can save on their purchase when using your unique URL. This gives them an incentive to return to our website using your unique URL.
  • Your list of recommended products which may be changed at any time on your request.
  • Quick setup within 24-48 hours.
  • If you did not register an account you must first do so at https://www.spectrumsupplements.ca/my-account
  • Type your legal name to sign the document.






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